NDAX Crypto Exchange Fees: Trading, Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

Indeed, this indicator comes in handy when you need to catch both the tops and bottoms of the markets. One downside is that NDAX charges hefty fees when withdrawing your Canadian Dollars. The good news is that you can receive a $10 signup bonus just by using this link. 1) NDAX has a simple layout which is great for beginners, yet still manages to suit experienced traders with the advanced charts and order options. It is a platform that newcomers can start on, and continue to use even as they gain more knowledge. One of the first things you will have to do once you have registered and logged in is to complete the identification verification step.

The exchange’s history is steeped in a commitment to facilitating the easy and safe trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a selection of other digital currencies. You can withdraw crypto to your wallet or transfer fiat to your Canadian bank account for a flat-rate withdrawal fee of CAD $4.99 for bank transfers and wire transfers. NDAX holds a majority of their user’s cryptocurrency assets in offline, cold storage for the highest level of security. Furthermore, when assets are moved from cold storage, multiple approvals from their senior management are required, which adds to its level of safety and security. This freebie comes with a free indicator that’s compatible with most trading platforms MT4 included.

  1. You can watch the performance of coins, make price predictions, and execute trades based on your analysis, all in one place.
  2. You can stake your assets for up to 36 months and, depending on the plan you choose, you can unstake instantly.
  3. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is used throughout, making it much more difficult for your account to be breached or taken over.
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Digital assets in their custody are insured against fraud, hack, internal theft, and hardware malfunction. On NDAX, users can trade various cryptocurrencies, which may result in potential profits based on market movements and trading strategies. However, trading cryptocurrencies involves risk, and profits are not guaranteed.

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If you are after other options, take a read of this article on the best Canadian cryptocurrency exchanges. NDAX, which stands for National Digital Asset Exchange, is a Canadian-based cryptocurrency exchange known for its emphasis on security and compliance. They employ industry-standard security measures, such as SSL encryption and two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect user accounts. The level of safety provided by NDAX is impressive, with a combination of cold storage for digital assets, as well as a compliance team diligently working to protect users’ investments.

Free deposits are such a refreshing change from some other platforms that lure you in with cheap trading but nail you on deposit fees. This approach ensures that all participants, irrespective of their trading volume or frequency, can engage with the platform with a clear understanding of the costs involved. While we are independent, we may receive compensation from our partners for featured placement of their products or services.

This involves completing the necessary information that is required in order to open an account with NDAX. It is both normal and expected for regulated cryptocurrency exchanges to collect personal information about you, your employment, and employment, and shouldn’t ndax be cause for alarm. Having said that, NDAX is still the cheapest platform I’ve tried so far, with a total trading cost of 1.70% including the ghost fee. NDAX has one of the most user-friendly platforms I’ve come across, and I appreciate the intuitive layout.

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So, unless you’re committed to spending a couple of minutes trading every day, chances are that this system will not work for you and instead you might want to look for software that auto-trades. So, the power to decide when to open or close trades rests with you as far as this software is concerned. Information is provided ‘as is’ and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice. For exchange delays and terms of use, please read disclaimer (will open in new tab).

Quality customer support can be the defining factor in a user’s experience with an exchange. NDAX’s dedication to customer service is evident in the professionalism and readiness of its support agents. Transparency in fee structures plays a crucial role in maintaining trust between an exchange and its users. NDAX aligns with this philosophy by offering a clear explanation of its fee framework, which is vital for traders in planning and executing their trading strategies effectively. NDAX is a Canadian exchange, boasting a robust platform that caters to the needs of novice and experienced traders alike.


This may influence which products we compare and the pages they are listed on. It may not have as many altcoins as some other exchanges, but what it does offer is more than enough for the average trader who wants to build a position in crypto. Although there are exchanges where you can stake a wider choice of assets, NDAX have told me that they plan on expanding what can be staked in future.

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Plus, just because one person can trade successfully with a system, it doesn’t mean that everyone else can. And that’s why we think that this training module is really important as it gives you the opportunity to copy-trade until you build your confidence. With this Master Class, what you get is access to information on the basics of technical trading. We absolutely like how helpful this training is as it goes beyond the usual rhetoric by providing you with actionable insights and examples. With most would-be-successful traders failing due to things like panic or anxiety, it makes a lot of sense to be part of this phase of training.

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Other platforms offer several withdrawal methods to choose from, and usually one of those methods are free. While I personally prefer the EFT withdrawals, I’m not crazy about the fee. I typically choose the free method, even if it means waiting longer to receive the cash. Amidst these market dynamics, the exchange has continued to evolve, catering to the changing needs of its user base and the broader digital economy. The registration process for the exchange is painless, its user interface is easy to navigate and the trading fees on the platform are moderate.

The good news is that NDAX is true to its word about the flat 0.2% fee on every trade. Was the lowest if experienced so far at just 0.47% higher than BTC’s live market price. This markup is about half of what Coinbase and Kraken charge, which means you get more bang for your buck on NDAX compared to the big guys. These efforts are in place to prevent the misuse of their services for money laundering or terrorist financing. The withdrawal process time from NDAX to your bank account can vary depending on several factors, including the method of withdrawal and the processing times of the banks involved.

I discuss this in more detail in the section How to Buy Crypto on NDAX, where I carefully crunch the numbers. While we strive for accuracy, the content on our Website, including articles, reviews, and opinions, is for informational purposes and may not always be up-to-date or error-free. Adam founded Crypto Head in 2017 after becoming fascinated by the technology in 2016. He’s been working on a number of crypto-related sites since then but Crypto Head was his first venture. James Page, previously the lead writer at Crypto Head and a registered psychologist, brings a unique perspective to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

And yet on top of all that, Nicola and team are currently giving out free bonuses to those who join the system within this limited period of time. What basically this short course does is explain multiple live trades in detail for you so you can see how exactly to apply the rules of the system. The good news is that the training materials provided under this program are purely optional. But if you’re like to grow your own wings as a trader, we’d encourage you to complete the 5 modules of training given by Nicola and team. Plus, as it is the case with all kinds of alerts, time is a huge factor.