Computer Science & Tech. (CST)

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Computer Science & Tech. (CST)

Computer Science and Engineering is a process of developing software using engineering principles. Some advantages including predefined, consistent solutions to common problems and standardized methods of implementation and testing. Almost all types of businesses maintain a vast network of computer systems to aid their everyday operations. Many of these are networked either by LAN, WAN or even Intranet or a
combinations of all of these. These have to be in operating condition 24×7. Computer Engineers are required in field of Telecommunications, Software Development, Hardware & Networking, IT security etc. You could work as a Programmer-designing and implementing new software systems, Software Testing Engineering-making sure that the software functions as intended or as a Network engineer.

  • Electronics Devices & Circuits
  • Digital Logic design
  • C programming
  • Data structure
  • OOPS
  • Microprocessor
  • Comp. graphics
  • Comp. Network
  • System design
  • PC Maintenance
  • Multimedia
  • V B
  • Adv. Java

Core Values

  • Respect for Individuals

  • Transparency and Accountability

  • Commitment and Dedication

  • Concern for Quality


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