Electronics & Tele Comm. Engg (ETCE)

Message from the Department

Electronics & Tele Comm. Engg (ETCE)

Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering branch Camellia Institute of Polytechnic is an engineering department that was established in the year 2012.This is one of the Top Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Diploma College in West Bengal. This branch of engineering combines physics, mathematics with their applications to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain electronics systems. The department is fully equipped with modern laboratories, where students can apply the theoretical knowledge of technology practically to fulfill the modern industrial and social requirements. The Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering always extends their helps to support the students. Even in the lockdown situation, virtual class was conducted for uninterrupted academic service to the students.


➤To impart quality education to students in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering and to develop responsible professionals to serve the demand of industry and society.


➤Establish good learning environment for academic improvement of the students in Electronics and Telecommunication engineering field.

➤Provide ethical and value-based education to serve society.

➤Provide multi-disciplinary activity to build skills of students to solve technological problems.


Departmental Program Educational Objectives

➤To provide students with the knowledge of Basic Science, Engineering and Social Science in general so as to impart the necessary skills to different problems.

➤To create an interest for self learning, updating recent developments in the major area of
Electronics & Telecommunication by way of in industry training, industrial visit and

➤To impart knowledge of the subjects given in the curriculum of the program and develop concepts of the subjects to students to the level that they get well prepared to undertake higher studies.

➤To prepare the students to work successfully in various Industry and organizations with professional competence to be able to meet deadline.

➤To foster the students with a broader knowledge on management, ethical & moral
principles and environmental issues.

Core Values

  • Respect for Individuals

  • Transparency and Accountability

  • Commitment and Dedication

  • Concern for Quality